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Saturday, January 18th, 2003
3:09 am
I think I may have found some work.


Time to call Daddy and gloat. Mwahahahaha!!!!

current mood: hopeful

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Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
8:53 am

Daddy doesn't like the type of work I'm doing here. Apparently, he doesn't consider being a proxy bidder on Yahoo Japan for otakus from North American and Europe as 'real' work >_<

Nevermind that I make more money doing this than I ever did as a manager >_< x


That's it, I'll show him. I'll find me a band to manage again just to prove to him that I don't need his nepotism to find a job that he considers acceptable!

Yes, that's just what I'll do! *determined*

Now if only I knew where to find a semi-decent band that is in need of a manager... I would ask Shu-chan if he knows of any through his connections, but I'm still afraid to talk to him after what happened a few months ago... *cries*

No. I will *not* feel sorry for myself! I don't even need a semi-decent band! Hell, I'll go and hang out at the university or something. I should be able to find some leads there.

WOOHAA!!!!! Never say die!!!!!!!!!

current mood: determined

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Monday, December 30th, 2002
9:10 pm
I found the following interesting:

While the following incident has not been replicated, it was reported in 1972 and remains a significant occurrence in the paranormal world. A group of eight people in Canada who called themselves the Toronto New Horizons Research Foundation designed a ghost, which then proceeded to "cause" numerous paranormal events. They named the ghost Philip, gave him a tragic history as an English aristocrat, provided some "unfinished business", and listed his habits and prefrences.

For some time, nothing happened, so they stopped concentrating so hard and decided to just relax. That's when they got results: raps or "answers" on the table in response to specific questions, the "answers" being in perfect accord with the invented personality. Then the table began to move, and one time it even shot across the room. There were cool breezes and metal-bending incidents, and all of this was captured on video cameras. When one member told "Philip" that they had made him up, the activity ceased. Then the group resumed its "belief" in Philip and he began to act out again.

Whatever it means, there's reason to believe that the human mind and emotions may affect occurrences in the physical world.

From The Science of Vampires by Katherine Ramsland

Oh my god! I wonder if that had something to do with the weird stuff that happened after Yoshiki-chan and I tried that seance last summer o_O

Anyway. Sorry I haven't been updating. The truth of the matter is that my life SUCKS at the moment. I haven't been getting along with the parents who really want me to return to the states and go to college. What a waste of time! I'm working in Japan, I'm learning Japanese better, it's not like I sit around all day and download pr0n on Daddy's laptop ^_^;;;

At least I have Judy's support, and Mom and Daddy trust her to take good care of me, so everything is calm on that front... so far ^_^

current mood: freaked out

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Thursday, October 31st, 2002
10:46 am
Adam was supposed to visit me last night. He was going to pick me up at Judy's condo and we were going to have our first real date.

But he didn't show up. *sigh*

Maybe it's for the best. Maybe he's some loser who has nothing better to do and had nobody who really wanted to associate with him, so he sought contact with others by looking for potential mates on the internet.

Oh wait, that would be me. Nevermind.

I'm going to bed. I'm so tired. Serves me right for staying up until 4 in the morning, just clinging on a thread of hope that he'd actually show up.

Fuck it all.

current mood: crushed

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Sunday, October 13th, 2002
12:09 am
I found out his name tonight ^__^
It's Adam. Adam I ♥ that name. And I asked him about his SN, the whole Eiri is Mine, it's kind of weird to have such a posessive handle, you know? But anyways, it turns out Eiri really is his. His Golden Retriever puppy :3


You know, my mom always told me that I'll know when I find the right man because he'll talk about his pets a lot. Caring for animals is a sign of good parental skills.

Oh dear. I think I may be developing a crush *^_^*

current mood: giggly

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2002
10:25 pm

Eiri is Mine: Hey Darling!
Cute Lil Panda: Oh Hi!
Cute Lil Panda: brb
Cute Lil Panda: Sorry, had to put my clothes in the dryer.
Eiri is Mine: So where were you yesterday?
Cute Lil Panda: Sven and I went clubbing ^_^
Eiri is Mine: Sven? I thought you said you don't have a boyfriend.
Cute Lil Panda: oh, Sven isn't my boyfriend! We just hang out sometimes ^_~
Eiri is Mine: Oh. Good.
Cute Lil Panda: LOL good? What do you mean by that?
Eiri is Mine: oh you know~ I'm not good with competition, that's all.
Cute Lil Panda: o_O
Cute Lil Panda: Competition?
Eiri is Mine: Yeah. When I get interested in a cute girl, I get a little nervous if I know others are interested in her too. I have a little problem with insecurity.
Cute Lil Panda: Ugh. I can so relate to that!
Cute Lil Panda: You know, it's really refreshing to talk to an honest guy!
Eiri is Mine: Aww, how flattering!
Cute Lil Panda: i'm serious! Mose guys will try to show off and act all perfect in hopes that I'll cyber with them or something! None of them will admit that they're human with human frailties!
Eiri is Mine: Oh how poetic.
Cute Lil Panda: Aww thanks ^_^
Eiri is Mine: You should be a writer.
Cute Lil Panda: Pfffttttt! You're so full of crap!
Eiri is Mine: I'm serious! I know talent when I read it!
Cute Lil Panda: You can't see me right now, but I'm blushing. You shouldn't spoil me, you know?
Cute Lil Panda: I'll cyber with you even if you didn't ^_~
Eiri is Mine: I'm totally serious. I did mention that I majored in literature in college, didn't I?
Cute Lil Panda: Yeah
Eiri is Mine: Well then take that statement for what it was meant to be. A compliment. Nothing less.
Cute Lil Panda: Wow
Cute Lil Panda: That's the nicest thing any guy has ever said to me.
Eiri is Mine: The world is full of pigs, sadly.
Cute Lil Panda: Oh tell me about it!
Cute Lil Panda: So, you wanna cyber? ^__~

current mood: giddy

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Friday, October 4th, 2002
9:45 pm
Here's me, in like a hundred years or something T_T

Well I hope Judy had a *smashing* time frolicing with her man-slut while she left me back at her condo in Tokyo. Alone. With no companionship to speak of except for her massuer Sven who can't even speak a word of English or Japanese T_T

Geez, who am I to complain? She deserves to be treated like a queen. I really shouldn't bitch. She's beautiful, and graceful, and elegant and damnit, her breasts are like a 17 year olds'! You'd never could have believed that she has a kid! And she's all self-assured. She commands respect wherever she goes. Me, on the other hand... Heheheheh.

God. Is it so wrong of me to want just a little bit of all the action that she seemingly doesn't have any trouble getting?

I met a guy online. He seems decent enough. Ah well, a little cyber-relationship is better than nothing, I suppose :-/

current mood: lonely

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
1:17 pm
Yay. Nothing to break the monotony of your average day other than a clever online quiz.

which kingdom hearts character are you?

yeah, yeah. jackie made this. </p>

He reminds me of my one friend Adam from back home. I miss Adam T__T

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Thursday, August 29th, 2002
10:24 am
RAGE is bored ;_;
RAGE is sick of being cooped up in Judy's penthouse for fear that she'll go out and get posessed again.
RAGE is tired of sitting in front of the computer and downloading pervy pictures since it's been so long that she's actually gotten any.

and on that note...

RAGE needs to go out and get herself laid. BADLY!!!!! >_

current mood: frustrated

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Friday, August 16th, 2002
12:53 am

I <3 Yoshiki-chan!!!!

That creepy package I got yesterday - It was from her :3
She got me the cutest stuffed panda bear ^____^

I think I'll name him Bob or Weebl or Mousy-chan, or Fing. or maybe it could be a girl panda. Maybe I'll call her Carolyn or something.

Shuichi! I should call him Shu-chan ^____^

But anyway

I love you, Yoshiki!!!!

current mood: touched

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Thursday, August 15th, 2002
12:43 am
I got a weird package in the mail today. A big, unmarked package with no return address, but addressed to me in big blocky letters. I'm curious to see what it is, but there was a note attached... said something about the box being 'a token of my (the sender's) appreciation'


Judy told me not to touch it until she gets her men to check it out first ~_~

Oh well, I wonder what could be in it?

current mood: curious

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Monday, August 12th, 2002
12:14 am
Everything is calm now.

He's gone, I think. Earlier, I could just feel him inside my body, I could feel his hatred, his obsession boiling, just festering inside me. and now its all gone... I think.

Something happened earlier but I don't know what, because the last thing I remembered was waking up in the back of Judy's car with my head on her lap, as she stroked my bangs away from my forehead and mentioned something that I was back with them again.

My head hurts ;_;

I suppose I should apologize to Shuichi-kun and Yuki-san about... whatever I did, but I'm not really sure how to approach them right now. besides, I don't think I'm really welcome around them at this point, anyway.

current mood: peaceful

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Saturday, August 10th, 2002
8:54 pm
I am so fucking scared.

Something is going on with me, I don't know what, but I keep zoning out a LOT... I find myself in places that I don't remember ever visiting, and I find things. This box that clearly belongs to Yuki-san. How the hell did I ever end up with it? I NEVER even visited him or Shuichi since I got out of jail!

And there's these things that people are saying that I did, and I swear I don't know a thing about them! Even Yoshiki-chan is saying these god awful things about what she thinks is wrong and...

Oh God, this can't be happening...

I find these horrible scratches all across my body, and the marks match my own hands, as if I attacked myself... How the hell is this happening?!?!

I'm so scared.

It's like I can completely zone out again any second, and I have absolutely no control over anything anymore. I wish I knew what was going on, I wish... I wish I was back home in New York. In my bedroom that smells like the jasmine scented lotion that I always buy. I want to be in my own warm bed, not in this bland hotel room, completely devoid of any warmth or familiarity. I want to see Jenny and Lauren again. We were planning on going to the same university together, and we'd rent out this filthy little apartment that had undergone quite a bit of wear and tear from countless other college students that lived in it. But it would be our place, and that's all that really mattered.

I want... I want to see my mom and dad again. I miss them so much!

I want all this to stop so I can go back to living my kjgsd
fuoigvb cjdfsd jb/

current mood: terrified

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Sunday, August 4th, 2002
1:18 am
I had the WEIRDEST dream last night!

Actually, I can't remember it at all, but I must have been sleepwalking, because when I woke up, I was in the passenger's seat of Judy's car, and she was driving back to the hotel from... somewhere ~_~

I had my glasses on, but my head really hurt, so I think when I was sleepwalking, I must have forgot to put them on, because I always get these really bad headaches when I go exteneded periods without them. ;_;

I asked Judy what was going on, she said that she wanted to ask me the same thing. That I woke up all confused and agitated in the middle of the night, and when she came to check up on me, I freaked out and pushed her away and left the hotel.

I'm kinda embarassed cause I was only wearing my white cotton nighty and it was raining last night so... ~_~;;;;

But anyway, I forgot to mention that I got the coolest keychain the other day!

check it outCollapse )

Judy made fun of me because I bought it. Called me an uber fag hag. Puhleese. Like I haven't seen the guys she drools over/marries/has sex with ^_~

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
10:04 am

find your queer
as folk personality

I don't know... I do not wear see-through tops ^_^;;;;

Oh well, I found a few delicious Digimon doujinshi on the web yesterday. Weird, I never really thought that shotakon appealed to me until I found those scans, and then I was all Ooh baby!!!!. Need to find some more now *_*

Geez, what's gotten into me?

current mood: amused

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Monday, July 29th, 2002
12:30 am
Last night with Yo-chan was really fun. We didn't call any spirits back... at least I don't think we did - we were both kinda drunk and giggly for the incantations to take effect, I'll bet. And besides that, it turns out that Yo-chan didn't even have any experience with conversing with the dead. She just got all her info from some web site ^_^;;;;;

She did ask if I would let him talk through me, because she wanted to get caught up on the times with him, and... err... I think I might have said yes >_<

Oh well, nothing happened, so I'm safe ^_^

Ack, I forgot to mention, something weird *did* happen. After the attempted seance, Yo-chan told me this sad story about how the only thing she has of her brother is a lock of his hair, then she pulled it out to show me, but as she held it out about 6 inches above one of the candles we had lit on the table, the flame sorta just jumped up and set it on fire. Hair burns fast, so we couldn't save it, sadly... That was strange. You know, combining this with my past experiences, I think that my conversing with the dead days are over ^_^

current mood: pensive

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Saturday, July 27th, 2002
3:59 am
I got a phonecall this morning from some girl I don't recall meeting...

Apparently, we met and really hit it off at the strip club or something. Speaking of which, I'm sure I had a fabulous time, but I can't recall much of it since I was kinda wasted for most of the evening.

I smelled like vanilla and... something else the next day, for some odd reason. ~_~;;;

Anyway, thank God I have Judy, although Ill never know how that woman can handle alcohol so well. I swear she had 3 drinks for every 1 I had >_<. Anyway, she told me that the girl who called was a friend that I made at the club, and that we hit it off famously, and that we were going to make plans having a girls night out this week.


It sounds like fun though, and she thought it would be cool to have a seance. *giggles* I remember doing these at slumber parties with my friends back in middle school. I swear, one time we actually managed to summon the ghost of this one murdered actress! We wanted to call her and find out if her husband really killed her, or if he was just framed by the mob, but while we were in the middle of it, the air took on a scent of her favorite perfume. I'm so not joking about this either! Katie and Maria will back me up on this! Anyway, we all freaked out and turned on the lights and that was the end of that!

But this should be fun! I wonder who we'll be able to call up this time?

current mood: excited

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Thursday, July 25th, 2002
12:48 am
I <3 not being in jail ^___^

Judy's taking me to Kinki's tonight. For those of you not in the know, that's an Adult Entertainment club that caters to women. I hope I have enough bills to go around. Oh, Judy promised to buy me a lapdance, but I think all she's interested in is snapping a photo of some guy waving his thing in my face so she can send it to my mom or something >_<

Judy's crazy like that, but that's what makes her so great ^_^;;

I feel sorry for Fluff ~ er Ark though. I can only imagine how uncomfortable he would feel in a sordid place like that surrounded by dozens of oiled-down beefcakes.... *__*

Anyway, gotta run!

current mood: excited

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Monday, July 22nd, 2002
9:21 am

I LOVE Judy. Have I mentioned that recently? Her Care Package arrived early this morning, complete with my favorite, most cuddliest pandabear ever! *cough* Not to mention some other necesseties that were to come in very handy. Heheheh...

So with these in hand, all I could do was wait - for that stupid warden to turn his attention away from me for 2 minutes so that I could put my little plan into action. Easier said than done. Ever since I started err... doing stuff to get out of here, he's been giving me these really gross looks >_<;;; and worse - he just will not leave me alone!

Thankfully though, Judy came through for me on that one too, by including some of her special tobacco blend that's just perfect for times like these *cough*. It sucked that he only smokes after 'special' occasions which meant that I had to... Oh well, it was VERY well worth it ^______^

Alls I had to do was to get him to smoke one, and he was out cold just long enough for me to steal his clothes and gag and hogtie him with the abundant amount of twine that Judy used to oh so carefully wrap my present. Hee!

After I did that, I threw on his clothes and used my pandabomb to bust on out of there and SWEET FREEDOM IS MINE AGAIN!!!!

I'm at Judy's hotel suite now. She's the coolest chick in the entire universe! She hired these two hot Japanese guys with long hair and pretty bejeweled eye who were dressed in these tiny little thongs to bathe me, wash me clean of all the grime and filth that I was exposed to while down in that underground pit. Ummm... I should have asked them to put on a show for me *__*

Afterwards, she had her personal Swedish masseur - his name is Sven, I think. Actually, I don't recall ever catching his name, but I'll call him Sven because he looks like a Sven to me. Anyway, Judy hired him to give me the longest, sweetest, most orgasmic excuse for a massage EVER!!!!

All the while, she had her gorgous lapdog Ark do her nails for her. Have I mentioned how much I adore this woman????? Gotta log off now. Sven needs to use Judy's laptop to check his appointments for this afternoon.

Life is so Very, VERY Good....

current mood: pleased

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Friday, July 19th, 2002
4:35 pm
I hate my life.

That dumbass warden told me that he could pull a few strings and get me out of this underground dungeon (to move in with the other females prisoners up above, of course :-/ ) If I showed him exactly how much I so desperately wanted companionship.

Before anyone complains, allow me to say this: No, I don't have any qualms about exchanging sex for *ehem* necessities. I am a woman, goddamnit! I need my parts greased every now and then like everyone else!

So I went down on him, showing him how much I wanted his 'huge horse cock' within me. And yes, he made me refer to it as that. UGH!!!! >_<

Then he fell asleep. Stupid moron ~_~xxx

So I bit him.

End of story. I'm still down here. *sigh*

Where the hell is Rodney? He hasn't signed on in like 3 days ;_;

current mood: dirty

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